1 to 1 and Executive Coaching

Decision-makers in the public sector need to communicate
well if they are to secure buy-in from key stakeholders.
They must be able to listen, explain and convince. And that takes self-awareness, confidence and the kind of authority 
that comes from within. 

VOX helps senior staff in the health service, government and other parts of the sector
to become outstanding communicators - people who have a positive impact on those around them and foster a dynamic work environment. We also equip them to speak for their organisation externally – including in the media, for which the public sector is an endless source of stories.

Our expert coaches with the right experience include Christina Shewell, an internationally respected voice coach; Dom Rickhards, who has coached for many leading companies and institutions; Kate Butler, who equips professionals to interact successfully with the media; and Pete Bailie, an expert in boosting people's presence, confidence and personal impact.

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