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VOX runs many courses for academics, researchers, postgrads and administrators. Each is tailored to suit the client and normally lasts one day. A few of our most in-demand courses are listed here. We're also happy to design unique ones for unique circumstances.

  • Straight Talking - Difficult Conversations

    Difficult conversations with those above and below us in the hierarchy are inevitable, particularly during periods of challenge and change. This course builds confidence and helps people interact openly and constructively even when the circumstances are far from ideal. 

  • Stand and Deliver: Making Effective Presentations

    Giving a presentation can be tough. As well as the challenge of managing nerves, there’s the need to connect immediately with the audience, hold their interest and convey a message with clarity and impact. This course turns competent presenters into outstanding ones.

  • Personal Impact and Confident Networking

    Meetings, networking events, encounters with high-status individuals, interviews - they all test your communication skills. If those skills aren’t up to scratch, your message may be lost. This course helps people develop an authentic ‘presence’ and make a memorable impression.

  • Managing Research Relationships

    This course focuses on relationships between researchers and their principal investigators / supervisors. It’s an engaging exploration of tensions in communication, assertiveness, securing collaboration and ‘managing your manager’ with subtlety and grace.

  • Engage Your Public

    How can we talk accessibly about complex ideas with people who have limited knowledge of our area of expertise? This course explores ways of adapting communication style and content to suit non-specialist audiences – without patronising them or dumbing down.

  • How to Shine in Fellowship Interviews

    Preparing for a fellowship interview means working on style as well as content. This course helps candidates develop a clear, authoritative interview manner that lets their ideas shine through. It also brings out the leadership qualities that assessment panels often look for. 

  • Success on Screen

    Live or recorded video material accessed via university websites, YouTube and other systems affects the way people perceive the speaker, the subject and the institution. This course equips academics and others to make the most of the medium and do justice to their topic.

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Dr Meera Warrier, Research Development Coordinator at the University of Leicester and Professor Jeremy O'Brien, Professorial Fellow in Physics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Bristol, talks about VOX.

Deeply knowledgeable, personable, adaptable and infectiously enthusiastic.
Dave Jarman FRSA
Head of Enterprise Education, University of Bristol

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